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By Mr T
I recently replaced some missing card scrapers in my student benches with new ones from Bahco. I noticed on the instructions on the packaging, as shown in the attached image(I won't go into the holding technique shown!), that they specifically say that the srcaper should be used with a pulling motion not pushed away from you . This is completely contrary to the technique I have taught for the past 30 years. I would be intrigued to know how others use their scrapers, have I been wrong all these years?
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By Just4Fun
I noticed that when I got a Bahco scraper. It seems odd to me. Like you, I typically push a scraper, at least when I really need to flex the scraper. I have used a card with a pulling motion but it is rarely my first choice.
By profchris
On flat surfaces I almost always push.

For the curves on ukulele or guitar neck, push or pull as is most convenient (this can be dictated by grain direction and ease of clamping the shaped workpiece).
By phil.p
I would think it more wearing on the fingers, hands and wrists to flex the scraper with the fingers and pull it that to flex it with the thumbs and push it.
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By Tasky
If it's pull only, can you not simply turn it around and push.....? :)