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By Farmer Giles
I bought this drill a while ago but have only just got it up into the workshop from the barn below as it's a bit of a lump and it needed the head off another drill. I need to wire it up to my 3 phase 415v inverter in the next week or so and eventually it will receive a renovation including paint but for now I have need of it so it will be pressed into service.


The plan is to build a table and fence to cover the existing table that can easily be removed if I want to use it for metalwork. I have another drill I use for metalwork so I will only need to do this if I need the larger throat depth of this one.

I have a large piece of buffalo board already laminated with blue formica and I bought the rails and fence from Woodpecker ages ago. So it will be a supersized version of this.


But with an elongated sacrificial insert as its a radial arm drill, the radial arm is unusual as the path is not in one axis, the head swings around and can reach any part of the table, however I will use it in a similar fashion to a conventional radial arm drill mostly, and if I don't occasionally, I will use a bit of scrap to cover the bit of table I'm using.

I also have a deeper fence for drilling taller stuff


More when I get around to it.

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By Farmer Giles
I found time to get the various bits together at lunchtime so I could build the table this weekend but came up against a couple of minor issues.

First the gearbox and drill innards were moving around in the cast head. As half the top of the casting is smashed until I get chance to clean up the spare casting and transfer the bits, then a bit of flex was expected. Fortunately it is just a few bolts missing from the remaining bits of casting so I will dig some out of the endless jam jars of imperial fixing that my pa left me.

Next issue was the T-Track. It's a bit short for this monster. The kit that I bought was for a normal sized table for a standard bench/pillar drill. I could make it do but for the sake of a bit of Incra T-track and self adhesive labels I thought I would do it once and do it right so two lengths on order from Wood Workers Workshop. I would rather have the T-track the full depth of the table. The bits of Woodpecker track thrown spare will definitely come in handy for another project, I'm beginning to get some ideas already :)

Here's the buffalo board covered in Formica before trimming to size. Width wise I may leave it as it is not getting in the way, I can always trim it later and I can use it as an out/in-feed table for both mitre saw and bandsaw. Depth wise it is currently 930mm, it will be be trimmed to 820mm. This allows me to trim off a couple of dodgy bits where I got something under the laminate on glue up and 820mm is two lengths of Incra self adhesive tape measure. Also 820mm is reachable, 930mm is a bit far. Again, I can trim this later if need be, it's a bit harder to stick it back on :)


I also found a couple of Jacobs 2MT shank chucks in the workshop drawers. I was going to buy keyless but I'm in no hurry, these just need a bit of TLC before use.

I'll wait for the T-Track to arrive before cutting the top for the track, that way I can trim the board to size after routing the slots so it doesn't matter if I get a bit of tear out at the end of the slots, saves me from clamping scrap to the ends.

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By Farmer Giles
The missing bolts in the old head turned out to be snapped bolts, I could drill and tap but I have the other head stripped down and nearly ready for paint so the contents of the head on the drill will be transferred to the new casting in about a week or so. Here' the new head being filled ready for paint. It is the original head off the drill with the blue paint removed, the paint sort of fell off while I was degreasing the head :)

Take out the gearbox, quill etc.


Degrease it and the new alloy cover. Hot water softened the rubbish blue paint and it came off in sheets.



Most of the blue paint has gone


Filling and sanding, almost ready for masking, degreasing and spraying.


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By Farmer Giles
I painted it early Monday morning in the utility room I'm refurbishing as its the only place warm enough



painted and most of the masking removed, it is a brighter blue/green, the flash has washed the colour a bit.



It's now nestling in my warm office hardening off before I start swapping bits over, maybe this weekend, it's my youngest daughters Birthday and I also have the 2.5 T&E cable to put in her new bedroom before the plasterboard goes onto the walls so not sure when I will get an hour of two.

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By Farmer Giles
TFrench wrote:Looks great!

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Thanks TFrench :) I'm still waiting for Incra T-track so I can't start the table/fence yet, so I'm finishing off the new head. I sanded/filled/sprayed the top arm of the drill and all the ancillaries for the head at the weekend so should be able to assemble it this weekend and get it powered up early next week.




Fortunately, the first coat of paint that the drill received many years ago after the factory paint was directly on top of grease with no sanding so the paint came off easily and most bits just needed a light fill where there were major holes. I've ordered some new 4 core flex as the wiring was a bit brittle so the head should be as good as new once complete.

Once the head is done, depending when the T-track arrives, I'll crack on with the bottom half, may as well get it finished, one of my many new year's resolutions was to finish what I have started.

By TFrench
I'm on a similar sort of resolution - got a mitre guillotine to fix, a RJH pedestal grinder to swap the bearings in and get back together, my lathe has done a bearing and I've just bought a startrite bandsaw that needs an inverter and a few bits doing to it. No new projects till that lot is cleared!
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By Farmer Giles
TFrench wrote:I'm on a similar sort of resolution - got a mitre guillotine to fix, a RJH pedestal grinder to swap the bearings in and get back together, my lathe has done a bearing and I've just bought a startrite bandsaw that needs an inverter and a few bits doing to it. No new projects till that lot is cleared!

It had to be done, I have bits of unfinished projects everywhere. Once the drill and table are finished, I'm back on the Viceroy lathe, just needs a bit of reassembly, then it will be benches. First the 8 x 4 holey table for cutting the bits of kitchen up, then the Roubo bench. I also need to drop the Fordson Dexta I'm working on down into the barn below for painting. Once I have that complete the plastering in the utility should be finished so I will have to start building carcasses.

Here's a bit more progress, no sign of the Incra T-track yet so I have assembled the head and started on the lower half.

Head assembled



table off


'orrible dark blue paint mostly removed.


Probably painting it next weekend, 3 phase supply being extended to it on Friday.

We will get to the table top and fence at some point :)

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By Farmer Giles
Turbo wrote:There's a bloke on another forum and he his doing a very similar refurb but he's a bit further ahead than you! So come on, get a move on! :wink: :P :mrgreen:

I know the other bloke, he's faster but not as thorough, debonair, handsome or intelligent ;) A bit more modest maybe :)

I started this thread in addition to the more detailed refurb thread in on the other site mainly to talk about the fence for woodworking but I'm still waiting for the Incra T-Track from WWW. They should be coming soon. In the mean time, here's some pics of the refurb so far.

Table painted on the sides and underneath

Very holey table ready to go back on the drill

Back on the drill, a bucket of JB Weld needed, some of the holes go all the way through as shown by the screwdriver

Filled with JB Weld, you can see some on the right hand panel that I have sanded, it will need a few coats on the bigger chips. In this weather the JB Weld takes quite a few days before it stops being rubbery.

As it stands today, a layer of JB Weld is curing and by the time that is completed I'm hoping my T-Track has been delivered and I can crack on with the fence.

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By Farmer Giles
MattRoberts wrote:That's a beast, but shaping up really nicely! Not heard of that JB weld - does it dry a similar colour to the iron?

Looking forward to seeing the end result :)

Thanks Matt.

The original JB Weld is a two part epoxy, it supposed to set dark grey but when you sand it, it turns light grey but I suspect it will darken up if you polish it up a bit and it gets a bit of grease on it.

The top is always going to look like the surface of the moon but at least it will be flat and easier to clean.