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By pops92
This is the bit I mean. To replace this you have to buy the whole piece at £16.00 plus delivery. Not just the brass bush that holds the revolving black disc. As the bush as got oval wear I wanted to replace it.
But not at £16.00 So £2.50 Ebay 10mm 150mm brass bar and make one. Attached photos hopefully help with how I achieved it without being able turn 16mm brass bar down with a shoulder.
The brass bush is 10mm dia the black blade disc support shaft is 6mm dia. So drilling on my wood lathe was easy. A fine sanding on the 10mm external part was also easy.
Cleaning the ends was easy with a 12mm round cardide wood lathe cutter, cuts brass so easy. This was so easy to make I decided to make 2 while I was set up.
If anyone wants dimensions of the bush just ask.
This is the finished item ready to use. Work a treat no problem at all.
Modified on the left
Modification and original shoulder gone and extended to reach the bottom of the recess. Then no need for the retaining screw.
This is the piece I am talking about