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mickthetree wrote:Hi Olly

You still using the bandsaw with the cork tyres on? How did they fair?

Many thnaks

Hi Mick,

Yep, it's still fitted to my top tyre (but then, I haven't had another blade breakage since to test the strength of the glue! ;-)).

It was easy to fit but I never got around to truing and crowning it properly. It's okay, but not perfect. Sometimes, a narrow blade (½in or less) will 'drift' along the wheel while the machine is running, from front to back. It's never come off and I always try to track centrally on the tyre. There are ideas for jigs and trimming tools on the 'net, it's just been somewhere on my 'tuit' list for far too long... :-P

Have you had a recent problem with one of your own tyres?
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By mickthetree
well I took them into work today and everyone was making those sucking noises through their teeth and saying they'll need to be replaced, admittedly they look pretty ropy, but I put them back on tonight and I get straight cuts.

The drive wheel has a small crack and slight wobble but again, no real issues to note.

Costing everything up I have found online the urethane tyres look a fair bet.

I'm not sure the wheels are that true so might not throw any more money at it.

I have a salid cast iron frame bandsaw, think it is based on the grizzly saws from America. Lovely little machine really.
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By 9fingers
As and when my bandsaw needs new tyres, I plan to try cutting up poly vee belting and gluing that on.