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By MikeG.
That would work wrote:......WHY

Why? Because the £1.00 bargain bin version I bought over 30 years ago is going to fail catastrophically some time in the next hundred years or so, so clearly isn't worth the money I paid for it. You get what you pay for, I'm told.
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By Trainee neophyte
That would work wrote:

Tough choice

I suppose I'm going to have to have both, and cucumber the expense. (Note, I actually typed cucumber in anticipation of the thought police censorship system - I wonder if should have used pineapple?)

This morning I spent a happy hour at, trying to spend an extra £10, as I thought I needed to up the order to get free postage. Do you know how hard it is to find anything you want for only £10? I gave up in the end, once I discovered I already qualified for free postage.
By Steliz
I must admit to owning about 10 hammers all of which have a different purpose. I don't have one of those shiny ones though. =P~
By lurker
Steliz wrote:I must admit to owning about 10 hammers . =P~

Light weight :wink:
God knows how many I have. And I doubt I bought any of them.
It’s one of those things that every house hold has and I think most of mine are inherited from various relatives over my lifetime. Both of my sons must have 3or4 that I have passed on as well(already).

My favourite claw hammer however is an estwing left behind by the BT technician who fitted our internet, he left it under the hedge and I found it months later.
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By Trevanion
I bought an Estwing 28oz hammer for driving door and stair wedges last year, the extra weight in the head makes short work of the job and some may call it total overkill but it's one of the better purchases I've made. I've then got a 16oz Stanley Antivibe hammer for battering chisels and tapping components together since it's got a wonderfully large and flattish face. Then I've got several wooden-handled hammers kicking around in various shapes and sizes, but my most prized is probably a little Stanley tack hammer similar to the Lie-Neilsen posted above, it belonged to my grandmother who was a seamstress who sadly passed before I was born, so it's just a nice little connection to someone I never got to meet.

I've been toying with the idea of making a similar-sized brass hammer for when I'm working on the machines and cutter blocks for when things need gentle persuasion to come loose or move slightly without damaging anything. I wouldn't pay £88 for one though! More like £5 in materials tops! :lol:
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By Phil Pascoe
I've probably about twenty. :oops:
My most used is a 16oz Estwing that is old enough to have Pat Pending on it. :D
By Rorschach
I don't count my hammers for fear of knowing the number. It doesn't help that I have duplicates of many hammers with polished faces for silversmithing etc.

I can't help myself at car boots when I see a hammer I don't have.
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By Lons
I've got nearly as many hammers as my missus has shoes and that's saying something. :wink:
By basssound
I must admit, I love to pick up a hammer or two from the auto jumbles.
There's just something for me about an old hammer which modern hammers don't have.