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By Tont N
I want to turn some wooden doorknobs to replace cheap plastic ones on old doors. Even after a lot of online searching, I've been unable to find a supplier for the metal inserts, with square holes and a grub screw, that I'll need to fit them to the ¼" square rods that pass through the doors. I realise that the problem may be that I'm using the wrong search terms ("doorknob OR door knob fittings OR inserts"), but I just don't know the correct name for these. Any help with this frustrating little problem will be very much appreciated.
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By Lons
I wouldn't know what to look for but I made one for my son who moved into an old Victorian house.

I had a bit of steel square tube that was a decent fit internally for the catch bar, just drilled and tapped it for a set screw and glued it in the knob. It's been fine for 4 years so far.
Biggest problem I found was positioning the tube exactly in line with the set screw, if I did it again I'd glue it all up first then drill through both knob and steel together before tapping the hole. #-o Hindsight is a fine thing!


edit: I'm sure the bars in my case were more than 1/4", probably closer to 10mm from memory
By Tont N
Many thanks and that is certainly a route to a solution if ready-mades, which would be preferable as there are quite s few to do, can't be found.

Apologies, I should have measured rather than guessing.
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By nev
By Tont N
Very many thanks — that seems to be the complete answer and has saved me a lot of frustration. All the necessary hardware is available as the explanatory article says.