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By RogerP
One of these things you need to see and examine close-up, but from the photo it does look like the bits and pieces could be very useful for someone making a home-made router table. The feather boards and switch alone would be worth the cost - given that they're adequate quality. Comparing feather board pictures they appear better made than the Axminster ones and similar to the Rutland offerings.

I'll get along to Aldi tomorrow and see if there's an open carton (or I'll open one :) ) to see what the quality is like.
By pswallace
Looks similar (if not identical) to A model screw fix used to sell,as well as one on sale in machine mart!...but about £10 cheaper,I doubt it would take much someone else said "you get what you pay for". Phil.
By MrA
I bought one similar a few months ago when not quite sure if the woodworking malarky was for me, I felt chuffed to bits with my cheapie router (Red Devil) and table. Once I started to get more ambitious with my mini projects I found it to be flimsy and not very versatile.

Its been said, you get what you pay for.
By powertools
Went in to Aldi today to purchase the router bit set for £6.99 and while in there I also purchased a pack of 2 sort of bulldog type clips with magnets on them to clip on the side of a paint tin and the magnet holds your brush over the paint either vertical or horizontal great idea for £2.99 for 2.