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By PlacidCasual
Hi Guys

I’ve been building kitchen cabinets in advance of doing the kitchen and the wife has settled on Rust-oleum Chalk Paint. I’ve built the first 2 painted then then sealed with 3 coats of Polyvine Hard Furniture Varnish (satin). And whilst they are not perfect I was pretty happy with them and imagined I could be neater second time round.

So the first 2 are ply construction, sanded to 240grit. Under coated with a Johnson’s aluminium based grey hardwood primer/undercoat. Also sanded to 240grit. Then 2 coats of chalk paint applied by sponge roller. For the flat surface I eventually wet sanded 320grit and applied a final coat with a sponge brush. So there are a few marks near the corners where I couldn’t correct some of the roller streaks by sanding. But these are going to be the least visible cabinets so rather than chase my tail I accepted the finish and varnished. 2 coats with a brush and third coat on flat with a sponge brush.

I know that all sounds faffy but I was using these first two to learn what worked best, or so I thought.

Ok so on to the next 2 one of which is an open fronted cabinet so very visible.

Same surface prep and undercoat. But I decided to apply one sponge rollered coat then sand lightly the 2 sponge brush coats wet sanding between coats. But these have been a disaster. I was getting really bad brush marks from a fresh can of well stirred paint. I tried watering it down which has reduced the brush marks but I’m still getting them and it feels like I’m wet sanding off everything I put on. Now I’m also getting bubbles forming as I brush. It’s pretty warm maybe 28 or 30 in workshop for latest problem but hasn’t always been that hot and still had terrible brush marks.

I’m about to go to a velour short hair roller but could really do with some advice.

Edit, the sponge brushes are Chestnut Jenny brushes from Axminster