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By Lons
Sheffield Tony wrote:There's not a lot more I can add, except that my elderly mother who had for a while night and day wandering tendencies had an alarmed mat next to her bed, so carers could know when she was up. So there are other variants of the alarm system which are commonly used, and might just be helpful ?

That sounds like a good idea, or door alarms like these maybe though I guess if he can find keys and unlock doors then silencing an alarm is easy. ... lsrc=aw.ds ... lp_pl_dp_7 ... lp_pl_dp_8
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By GrahamF
Lons wrote:Wouldn't you just climb out of a crib though considering the other stuff you do?

My thoughts as well. If you able to do so much when asleep, the chances are you will be able to let yourself out of it. When we had the rest home, we had a dementia escapee who would climb over his cot sides and out of the emergency exit. Only solution was to connect a door switch to staff call system so we knew when he was going walkabout. Would an alarm on your bedroom door to wake you up be a possible solution?
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By ColeyS1
You could fit door sensors or pir sensors to turn on lights, or plugs when triggered. I bought the 'hive' system for my home. When door sensors are activated I get an alert sent to my phone. You can set the schedule for this so it could only be active during the night.
In your situation you could have a door or pir sensor activate the room lights or perhaps a desk lamp. Or you could have it turn on a radio/tape player at an uncomfortable volume. Might be an option?

Edit, here's how it looks on my phone.Just to add all the sensors are wireless so only require a battery and sticking in place.