Would like to add a router to my deft table saw


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30 Nov 2016
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Currently, i have a separate router table and table saw and would like to combine them to save some space. I have the Charnwood router table which i modifed to accept the Axminster routalift

A subject that has been done to death on here and i have read quite a few of the threads. I also know that one of the members has done this with an Incr setup. I would like to follow his approach and set the router up on the left-hand side of the table (mainly because of the deft setup). One of the key differences is i would like to keep my current fence set up and have a piece that adds function to become a router fence....The fence can already be removed...its extruded aluminum.

Router table top
I would remove the side extension leaf and replace it with a new router top. The leaf is 68.5 cm (not too worried about the width as this will likely be impacted by the lift i use). I believe there are a couple of options

I cut down an old worktop (happen to have some) and use this as the new router table
buy a product like the AUKTools Router Table Top

On the fence, i would need to create one that would slide into the blots like the extruded aluminum does or fit over the top of the current fence...Has anyone create a fence like this or know of a link to one?

The final piece i would need to decide is the router and lift...

I have the old Aximister with a plunge bosch router in there, with an extension bit to my life easier.... This has been fine to date, just wonder if the more modern version are better and a motor is a better option?

I have looked a
  1. Rutland -Premium R15 Router Lift and Motor - £399
  2. The bangood version (which looks to be the same as above without the motor)
  3. Sauter options - these seem expensive to me - am missing something?
  4. JessEm Rout-R-Lift II (Imperial) with AUKTools 1500W Fixed Base Router - £499
It would be great to people's views on the table tope, fence approach (any links to ideas), and the router/lift combo...