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Wood prices.


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5 Oct 2008
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Truden, Italy
Wanted to compare my prices here to uk prices.

I've adjusted for euro rate plus to an 8' by 4' board. Which is about 3sq m so divide by 3 for sqm prices.

Spruce plywood 18mm £45
Spruce plywood 12mm £32
Birch plywood 18mm £77

I also got a board of birch. 3m lomg by 6cm thick by 25cm wide.
There are splits 16" in from each end and split knots at regular intervals, so the only way say to make a table top is to cut vertically and rejoin as laminated pieces, and multiple pieces over the length.

This cost me £45.

Good news is they do free delivery. Next time for the solid timber i think i will select the boards myself and then get the free delivery.

Now for cutting the solid wood. My ts55 won't get the depth, so have to cut from each side... Also it's waney edge. Both edges, so plain sawn.

Time to get a moisture meter. Anyone suggest a decently priced one that is not cheap rubbish?


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28 Jan 2008
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Well I am trade so not sure, but I don't remember ever having to show anything to prove it.
I think it's more about quantities - they'll sell me a couple of sheets occasionally but most of the time I put in orders of 500 pounds upwards so guess that keeps them happy.
The prices are quite a good guide as to what it's possible to pay though - I have a timber yard near me in London where the prices are roughly similar to these, while there are others around where they're charging much much more.