Wood glue dried white


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Dried with a chalky finish instead of clear.

I think it's due to using it in a too cold environment.

Anyone else had this problem before?

I'm edge jointing some planks into boards. Are the joints significantly weaker.

Should I risk breaking the joints, cleaning them up and re-glue them in a warmer environment (maybe in my lounge :D )???

(One board will be reinforced with battens, so I'm not too worried about that one).
Strangely enough that happened to me the other day for the first time and I too think it's due to the workshop being so cold.

The joints seem just as strong so I don't think its anything to worry about.
I find that wood glue dries white when it has been frozen and thawed out again, even if you use it in warm weather :( .

I did notice that where there was glue trapped between the board and the clamp that it did dry clear. So I think it's only where it's been exposed to cold air that it's dried white.

All the board seem well attached to each other.

On with the project........ :)
It is a temperature thing, evidently. One of the bonding agents (or something) changes structure if it freezes. When it thaws out and is used, it dries opaque instead of transparent. An instrument maker told me about this, which is why I'm a bit vague on the detail. He also gave me a great tip which I've found very useful - put your glues in an old pot of warm water before each session in the workshop when things are a little brisk weatherwise. They run more smoothly, clean up easier and things are altogether less messy - especially if you're a messy pipper like me. He uses all sorts of exotic fish glues and stuff, but also swears by EvoStick!

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