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12 Sep 2020
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I have a beautiful Spalted Beech turned bowl.
My wife recently put it on a teak table which has a beach vibe, in that it's rough wood and gnarly in its design. The bowl now has a very rough bottom as though it's been eaten by the teak and small chunks are missing and now the bottom of the bowl which was turned, so smooth to touch, resembles the gnarly table top.
Obviously nothing I can do but why has this happened, I'd like to understand it. I will try to post pics tomorrow

Thank you
The spalted bits can be very soft. If the bowl has been slid across a rough surface several times (eg when dusting) that might wear those parts away. Wouldn't happen in my house, we do dusting here with a shovel.
I don't know if you can make out on these photos just how deep the gouges are on the spotted beach bowl. This bowl has been on this table for one week. I only bought the table last Saturday and the bowl has deteriorated within this time.

Sounds crazy but I have no idea how it's happened but follows the lines in the table.


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Looks like something has been eating it. Perhaps the table came with unwanted visitors
Nope, nothing on it I can see. I love my wood so gave it a good looking at once home, unless they're microscopic, of course. Such a shame given the bowl is beautiful