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I have had several screens replaced on insurance over the years and apart from the excess it does not affect your policy / no claims.
The last one I had done was a mini coupe 2 years ago. It cost £75 excess

I think it depends on your individual policy, a lot have windscreen exemption. Maybe they all do, nowadays, but I'd be surprised.
The last car we bought had a badly scratched screen, and the dealer suggested we claimed for a replacement on insurance, and they would pay the excess. This was a big main dealership in Cheltenham (they're no longer there). We politely declined, and suggested that such a course could be considered fraudulent, and they coughed up for the replacement. I think it was fairly expensive, being a heated windscreen.
I think it was fairly expensive, being a heated windscreen.
They're all expensive these days.
The windscreenon our 2018 motorhome cracked last September apparently caused by a stone chip and I had it replaced on insurance, paying the £75 excess. The vehicle is on a Fiat Ducato base so nothing special except for a green tint though it is larger than a car and the fitters told me they cost the thick end of £800. I don't yet know if it will affect my renewal but have noticed that some companies have increased the excess on their policies.
Tried to have chips repaired a couple of times but not the right sort of chip lol.
Btw, not all chips develop into cracks, that’s bs put out by the repair people.
It should not affect the renewal much if any. I had a replacement screen in my van last year it cost £100 excess. Had been a chip for many years but not MOT failure as not in the main zone. One day it just became a crack because of the cold.
I have heard that you have to be careful if you have a Ford with a heated front screen as the insurance company will likely replace it with a non heated one if they can get away with it, apparently the official Ford ones are super expensive.

As has been said above, a chip may become a crack, become a bigger crack, et cetera. So?

The rigid integrity of an undamaged screen is a major factor in preventing roof crush in the event of a major roll-over catastrophe.
Having been the recipient of one of the old Austin windscreens coming apart on the Dublin ring road during Friday rush hour, I NEVER bellyache* about cost or 'necessity' regarding them.

* I wrote b.i.t.c.h. but the digital nanny changed it to "puppy"....😳

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