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19 May 2010
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holsworthy devon
........buying hand tools.

there was a stall in my local town`s market today and the gent was selling all things tools (hammer)

so i came away with a stanley 5 (made in england), a stanley 4 (made in usa), a huge `wooden` cast iron quick release woodworkers vice, a 1" marples skew and a 250mm long rasp. all of this came in at £50 (was i done?)

i`ve got a stanley 4 1/2 so why i need the others i dont know!, i think i thought it would be nice to play the numbers game :-"

generaly the no4 is in good nick apart from a wobbly rear handle, the handle has a tatty oval blue sticker on the top could this be from a old record??

where is the best place to date stanley planes?

sparkymarky":32xj4wh9 said:
where is the best place to date stanley planes?

I had reason to ask the same question here this week myself, following the purchase of a Stanley No.4. Try these;



http://www.tooltrip.com/tooltrip9/stanl ... -types.htm

http://home.comcast.net/~rexmill/planes ... typing.htm

The blue oval sticker indicates 'Record'


Hope this helps.
Have another look at your 'wooden' vice - I think you'll find it's a Woden - which is slightly catchier than "The Steel Nut and Joseph Hampton Limited" but is often mis-read!
Sounds like a nice haul.
good point alf a woodworkers anonymous group must be started. :D

yes you are correct andy it is a woden, should of known better i only picked up a woden x190 dowling jig a few weeks ago.

thanks for the links scouse i dated the no4 to be a type 19 i think, but i find there is limited resourses to date no5`s online?

as far as the wonky wobbly handle goes, i noticed that the handle had pushed down on the securing nut so i`ve fitted a small 1.5 mm thick brass washer between the nut and the handle. this has secured it just fine.

p.s. on another note i noticed that my lateral y adjuster is broken on my stanley no-4 1/2 is there anywhere i can just buy the y pin??
Broken adjuster yokes are one good reason for buying more than one plane ;-) Replacement yoke pins can be made using spent twist drill bits. A little heat helps draw the temper and they're then easily cut to size and peened. :wink:

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