Where do you hang your clothes at night?


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12 Jan 2015
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Norn Iron
At bedtime my socks, unmentionables etc go in the laundry bin.
My jeans and sweater get worn for a few days, so need to be stored nearby.
Up to now l've been putting them on top of a three drawer chest.
Today I removed the chest along with its larger partner and a wardrobe.
Storage is now in a three bay wardrobe with sliding doors.
There is a recess between the chimney breast and wall 870mm wide by 360mm deep by higher than you'd ever want to go.
I could of course put them on a chair or hang them up on the floor, but I'd like some suggestions to use the recess and maybe some extra storage or feature.
Before I married (a decade or three ago) I had a house with a bedroom also with a suitably wide recess between chimney and wall. Whilst wide enough for a good wardrobe I had no money after buying it. But a round metal pole fit to put in a wardrobe was dirt cheap. I hung everything that for 10:years.
So you have removed your partner with a large chest!:p
Dread to think what you wear as unmentionables!!!!:eek:

mine just deposited anywhere either floor in corner or over drawers ready to rumble next day!
for years we had a dirt room....everything stayed in there......
strip off and use the shower in the next room.....
not allowed in the house covered in oil....no idea why.....lol.....

Mind things do change, I was allowed to park my motorcycle in the front room last week....hahaha....
1669055400400.pngHow about something like a Valet/butler chair. Nice project if you fancy making something a bit different

I put mine on top of a laundry basket, that's also the reason why I can't put anything in the laundry basket.
I currently have an actual wooden ladder as I also use it to access the loft occasionally. At some point I intend to make a rustic towel ladder. If you do a search on google etc you can see what mean. I guess it depends on your room styling as to what you'd want. I like the natural type which are literally made out of branches but you can get more modern straight edged painted etc.
At present mine go on the floor as I've not built wardrobes yet in our new bungalow. Previously I left a space empty on a shelf for them to go.
For my lovely other half I made an oak "ladder" that works a treat. This is 1400 high, 550 wide and has 4 rungs, the lower 500 from the bottom and the last 200 from the top. felt pads protect the wall where it rests against it. I made it during lockdown and when i look back I cannot figure out why I didn't make one earlier.

I made a 'clothes wall' and a shoe rack in the spare bedroom. The horizontal pieces are angled/chamfered at the back (like a french cleat) to accept hangers with the chamfer offcuts from the ends reversed and stuck on the front to form hooks. two of the horizontal pieces are attached using button fixings to hide the screws into the wall underneath.


Its made from Baltic Birch so I may soon decide to sell it to pay for heating and just stick a dozen hooks on the wall.

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