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20 Feb 2022
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Bourne Lincolnshire
Evening all, Some of you may remember my previous post on this matter but here goes. I'm an 85 year old git but still like to do a bit of woodwork Albeit in my own amateur way. Anyhow I've always fancied getting my self a bandsaw so after much sweet talking the od Dutch and saving hard I got a new Record 300E. I made a very strong flat bed trolley with some good quality castors so I could easily move it around and then, everything went pair shaped!

Doing a few jobs one day I managed to do something in my back and then, a short while after, I very stupidly tried lifting the saw onto the trolley on my own. It was then I suffered the most agonising pain you could ever imagine. The good lady managed to get me down to the doc's who sent me straight to hospital for an Xray. The outcome was, I'd managed to snap a vertebrae half way up my spine so I'd been walking with a broken back and just to finish it off he told me I'd also got Osteoporosis.

After a few weeks I was determined to get back and start using the saw but even just bending to pick up s bit of timber was painful. The Doc did give me a box of Morphine based pain killers but I won't take them unless I get really desperate because I've seen a member of my family and a friend become addicted to them is I would sooner put with some pain.

So anyhow, it seems, with very much regret, I'm going to have to sell the saw, and although a few months old, It's basically brand new I've literally put one piece of wood through it. It's obviously still got the five year warranty it'll come with the trolley and also eight new tuff spare saw blades.

So guy's with your experience, tell me what it's worth.

I'd very much appreciated your help and advice with many thanks
The bandsaw new is around £750 ,not sure what you paid for the blades but i imaginge it would be over £100 ,it is as new but even so you are unlikely to get your full amount back , if you put it for sale on here and someone is looking to buy then i would think around £700 ish would be a fair asking price ,maybe a bit more for including the mobile base as well. I could be out on the price and others will say its worth more or less than that.A local sale where transport costs are not an issue would maybe get you more,but even though it sucks to lose out it is now a second hand machine and a lot of people will see that as reason to sell it for what may be to you an unfair price.
Hope your back gets better soon and you manage to sell your saw without incurring to big a loss.

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