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11 Feb 2011
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Inspired by bm101 finishing the longest bench build on the history of the forum, I completed a project that I started a couple of years ago too!

A "waterfall" table in brown oak. Domino reinforced mitre with a glue block behind. The acrylic has slotted holes and fits into threaded inserts.

Finish is Rubio monocoat which I am very impressed with. I was planning on using osmo, but this cropped up on a few YouTube videos on slab tables and it looked good. It is a 1 or 2 pack finish, the second speeds up the curing time quite substantially. Nice matt finish and as the name suggests, it takes a single coat which claims to "react" with the wood fibres. Any excess is wiped off 3 mins later . Expensive but the labour saving probably justifies it to a pro and a little goes a long way. It is designed as a floor finish, so should be resilient, although I haven't tested it against red wine, juice etc. The only negative is the tins that it comes in (at least the small one that I used) is a pain to try and tip a little out. I ordered some syringes but they didn't arrive.

The black cover to the domino error is scorched and iron stained (if it is good enough for the Barnsley workshop), with a wipe of monocoat too. It is only fixed in the middle, and is rebated to allow for movement.


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