Water based varnish on top of 'Wood Stain'


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9 Feb 2022
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My question is about the product that is sold in the UK as wood stain - water based, and suitable for exterior use on its own. (as opposed to what US folks call wood stain?)

It seems to be basically the same as a water based varnish but with more pigment in it - is this fair ? It brushes on like a water based varnish, and cleanup is same easy routine.

The stuff I bought is a 750ml tin of Everbuild 'Antique Oak' Wood Stain. First coat has gone on nicely. I'm wondering if I can go over it with a clear water based varnish to give more protection without deepening the colour.
There might be a slight change in colour, but as far as i know you should have no problem with a water based varnish over a water based stain
Went on nicely - I'm very pleased with the results - I've posted a pic in the 'projects' forum. Builders plywood has no right to look so nice !!!

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