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Found Wanted: large bandsaw


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Dr Al

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11 May 2020
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Dursley, Gloucestershire
I'm looking for a fairly large, fairly powerful and well made second-hand bandsaw. The main reason I want it is for resawing relatively wide boards, so I'd like a cut depth of at least 200 mm, preferably more and I'd like one designed for a 2hp+ motor.

Most of the ones I've seen on ebay seem to be in the east or north of England and I'd prefer something a bit closer to Gloucestershire!
How about near Birmingham. Junction 3 of the M42. Record BS400 I am about to sell. Excellent condition ans could also go with a Carter STABILIZER FOR A 1/8" blade. New they are around £1300, but may be more than you are looking for as a 200mm depths small. Have seen second hand advertised at £900, but it would be less than that.
Hi @Alexam

Definitely interested in that one (I sent you a PM about it yesterday after seeing your post on the other wanted bandsaw thread!). J3 M42 would be easy for me.

Could you share some photos and some more dimensions (height of the underside of the table and the top of the table and the width/depth of the body under the table would be useful)?


Hiya, all dimentions for the BS400 are available off the Record site and they haven't changed from the one I bought new from Record in June 2014. It's main use since then has been in making bandsaw boxes and not much else. That is why I also purchased the Carter Stabilizer blade guide as it holds the 1/8" blade well. I can easily sell that to others if you dont need it, but it really is a great addition. If you check out my web site you will see a variety of boxes I have made. The bandsaw has been well looked after and is always in tune. It took me some time to develop the way to ensure accuracy and tune the machine. If you are new to bandsaws, I could take some time to show you how it all works. As I am giving up woodwork, I have quite a lot of equipment (some photos attached) to sell of that I have not yet advertised, some with very little use as I tended to buy thinking I would use something and it turned out that I didn't really. It would depend on what your aims are in woodwork.
The used BS400 is on offer at various prices to about £900, but I think about £850 may be fairer as there are many blades to go with it. If you also need dust extraction, then you may want to consider the ones I will also be selling (photo attached)
If you wish to chat, call me ideally after 1pm sometime and I can tell you more.
All the best


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Hi Malcolm,

That looks really good from what I can tell from the photos. I'll give you a call this evening (assuming that's okay) and we can talk it through a bit.

All the best,

Hi Al, nice to chat about the items I am selling and look forward to seeing you on Saturday about 2pm as arranged.

It would help me if you could send me an e-mail to [email protected] with your full name and address so that I can prepare a receipt just in case you buy on Saturday. It's always good to have these details when buying or selling anything on any forum and necessary on this one to comply with the rules.
Dr Al bought the Record BS400 and dismantled most of it to get it in his estate car without a problem. I believe he's a happy bunny as he has wanted a good bandsaw for some time.
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