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1 Jul 2020
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Hello All,
I've just acquired a 1973 14" Bra. It looks in pretty reasonable condition but for some reason (possibly a previous owner had taken bits off as it looks to have had some recent fresh paint) it's missing bits and has a couple of broken ones. I wondered if by any small chance anyone had anything either from a similar saw or something that might fit the bill or know where something suitable may be purchased.
- Lever on back of arm casting that tightens it up on the column.
- Spring thing on arm that keeps the cable away from the arm (might just be able to use a DeWalt item here as they seem easier to find)
- Bakelite knobs (?) - two on the guard casting (wooden knobs doing the business at the moment)
- maybe the original slide up/down guard at the front of the guard casting. I think this should possibly be a channel shape like the one at the back rather than just a flat plate.
- Bakelite knob and rear stop for arm slide lock
- arm rise and fall winder handle casting is broken at the end
- Lever to position the arm at 90 and 45 degrees is broken. The handle bit is there but the part that locates has been broken off. A previous owner has drilled the handle and put a large nut to try and get something to locate - it's not great.

Phew, that's it I think.

Any help would be much appreciated.


PS photos attached


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Can't help with any of the bits I'm afraid but I used to have the same saw and seem to remember mine had a little 90 degree dust pipe piece that fitted over the hole on the front of the blade guard to fire any dust sideways if you want to add something else to your wanted list :)
Ah yes, good plan. I'll also have to construct some dust collection.

The little DeWalt you might just see behind this fired a splinter into my eye on the final wafer thin cut of the day; felt the impact! The idea of having a dust port that points straight into the face will have to be sorted along with a bit of dust collection.

Wonder if I borrowed that locking handle cast thing (for the 90,45 degree) from someone, I could get a copy made...