Plane Sailing with a Number 6?

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17 Jan 2023
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This is an eBay purchase. Pretty garish Blue.


The person who painted it most recently also painted the entire frog mating and throat. for this reason I think whomever painted it probably just sold it and probably didn't really know how it works. The frog etc look pretty good and untouched. I think the plane is only very lightly used on account of the iron - it looks original and the stamping matches the style of adjustment wheel and frog casting. From the one-peice casting of the yoke to the 'off - cut - on', the stampings on the iron, and possibly the mysterious stamping on the body underneath the plane 'A'
I've not taken one back to the cast metal before. Looks like it's going to have to be done.

I used a homemade rust remover solution with 10% acetic acid and acetone - a careful splash of each; I then agitate the mixture with a toothbrush. Soak for a few hours. Then a wipe, a spray of WD40 then I use a scraper (The WD W.D.'s the acid and acetone and I've found I can miss the bicarb stage). I repeat this a couple times.



The repaint had been over a previous partial repaint in red of the toe and heel - perhaps a worker's owners mark or the property of a company or something. Could even have been in a school / college and just didn't get much call for. Then after another soak I went onto he wire brush on the drill, an old B&D that has a really high spindle speed and I hate it so it gleefully gets used for this kind of thing, Under this was the Roundel Blue but I can see the original japanning has fractured off around the heel

I was itching to use it after all this so I borrowed the iron from the 5 1/2 and I ended up putting a very subtle convex grind on it to help avoid chipping, I'm just experimenting.


Here we have him, almost de-painted but assembled just for some test cuts. I've not attended to the sole yet.
Got a nice mating between the chipbreaker and the iron.
.Really lovely, just glides.
leaves some beech (from the firewood pile, used a scrub no4 then smoothed with this No6 - a glassy finish to the surface, it's lovely.

This weekend I'll degrease and apply the new paint although I quite like the cast iron finish too