Updgrading motor on Kity 619 saw - worth it?


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16 Jan 2010
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I've a Kity 619 saw, single phase. It cost me 200 quid ... nice solid top, sliding carriage, etc - feels like it shouldn't owe me much.

But it's an old model - 1994! And the motor has no brake on it which I don't really like...

I haven't actually had a chance to really get into the case to look at the motor and get any details - but I was wondering whether it's a simple job to swap out the motor, perhaps something more powerful in the same size, but with braking (it's done through electrics isnt it?)

And I suppose I should also really consider is it cost-effective - I don't know the cost of a compatible motor, maybe it would be more sensible to sell and invest in a modern, safer saw more suited to my needs.

Any ideas?
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Lots of "it depends on " here. The type of motor mount and space will govern what increase in power you can acheive if you find out what the mount spec and frame is you may be able to put a slightly longer motor in and inrease the power and maybe a highest efficiency model. If you put a 3 phase motor in and conrol it with a VFD you will get softer starting and will have the facility for DC injection braking (caveat not too fiece or blade loosening may occour) side benefit smoother running and more power for the same size. Lot of effort for little reward I would suggest. Not sure braking neccessarilty needed in a home shop where you have more time to take care and watch the blade spin down before waving your fingers about. I have braking on mine and it's not instant. Also overpowering a small machine not always a good idea unless it really is underpowered.

Without checking VFD and motor 2-3 hundred pounds check inverterdrivesupermarket https://inverterdrive.com/ reasonably priced
Not worth it.
They were a decent machine. Power OK for their intended use and motors were good quality. The price of motors has skyrocketed in the last few years, dc injection brakes or braking resistors as an add on to VFDs are not cheap.
You got a good buy. By the time you mess with it to save a couple or three seconds, it won't be.
Oh, and '94 is a newer model in Kity terms. I don't recall when Scheppach bought them out but it was a long while ago.
Sound advice then - the cost outweighs the benefits. I've ordered some new blades from Wealdon, will give it a good clean and lubrication and see how she performs.
Sideways is spot on, that's a new one!
I have both a 612 bandsaw and 636 planer thicknesser and love them. Both are 1970's vintage.
Good solid machines, far better quality than most of the Chinese stuff aimed at the " hobby" market nowadays. All either machine has ever needed were consumables like belts and bearings.
The motors are very good so I really don't see what you stand to gain.
I agree with @Fergie 307 ......I have a Kity 618 saw in my home workshop ( Im assuming it's the same motor as the 619 saw..?) and it's a 1986 vintage......I've always found the motor perfectly capable of cutting any material I've ever pushed through it..... Last year it happily cut through 3" Oak without missing a beat.....24 tooth blade if I recollect.
Good stuff. I have the 1619 as well in a different workshop (get me with two!) - and i really like that - seems more than powerful and large enough - but it has a brake while the 619 doesnt, and I suppose its the comparison in use that makes it feel worse.

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