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17 Jul 2019
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banja luka
After reading much about combined machines, and because lot of you say it is better to buy individual machines, I started to look for machines that would be nice for me. I have found this Ulmia table saw 1725, and I do not know what is correct name for this type of saw, can you enlighten me ?
The whole table can slide and it can be locked, to be used as normal cabinet style saw.
Can someone give me advice about this type of machine ?
It seems to be in nice condition, and Ulmia is known for quality products as I have read on web
Is this sliding table useful feature, and what is your opinion on this type of table saw ?
Space is only problem for me, but I think I can work it out..


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That's an interesting saw, I've never seen one like it. The whole table sliding is quite unique as it tends to be a separate sliding table on the lefthand side of the machine these days. The sliding table is handy for panel cutting and crosscutting timbers, in effect you've just got one massive table saw sled.

Is it a single-phase powered machine or does it require three-phase power?

Does it have a fence with it or is it missing?
It comes with aluminium fence, and it does need a three phase power. I do not know is the fence from this saw, but if it works I do not care :D
Arbor tilts to 45 degree angle. It looks nice to me, I have found pictures of this machine with massive sliding table on the left of the machine. I am considering purchasing it, just need to figure out, will it be a machine for my needs..
Looking again at your third pic, I see the slot for the tilt now. 8)
How powerful is the motor on the thing?
I ask because it looks to have had a larger blade on it before, or maybe the riving knife is just miles away for no good reason.
What your planning on cutting is the question...
I have a 3hp Startrite 275 saw running with a Chinese VFD, it is plenty for me, rips iroko at full depth no problem.

Motor is 2.4 kw, I do not know what is up with the riving knife.I plan to cut up to 10 cm thick wood and to make tables and musical instruments. :mrgreen:
Often those saws have two mitre fences one either side of the blade with length stops . I've seen them used on non ferrous and plastics

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