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27 Jul 2005
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Here is a photo of two more of the hand planes. I'm not sure of the name of the wooden one and the spokeshave looks like an early no.63


The red painted Record shaves A63/4/5 were malleable "unbreakable" iron, and seem to have been introduced between 1934 (they were not in Planecraft first edition) and 1938 (They were in the Catalogue no. 15 and Planecraft revised edition). All the ones in those publications had Record cast on one handle, and No A63 or A64 on the other. They were discontinued in the 1970's so I would guess yours is maybe post war.

I am also interested in how big that jigsaw is when it's finished :shock:

The wooden plane is a moulding plane, the profile of which is defined by the shape of the sole/cutter. They come in zillions of profiles and widths. Most can be had for a few quid. Wider ones and ones with multiple cutters command higher prices. The number of makers is huge.

They are super for running mouldings on the edges of stock - you can get shapes you just don't find in router cutters. They are quiet, quick and you get a deal of satisfaction from using one.
Thanks for the info guys.

I can't find any info for the No.A63 online, have you found any you can share.

Not found any online, it's not the most interesting of tools - now if it were a Stanley.....
The Leslie Harrison reprint of the Record no. 15 catalogue has 12 pages of interesting stuff on history and dating of Record planes. Published by Roy Arnold, Bury St Edmunds.
The moulder looks like it might possibly be a side bead, and possibly with quite a sizable chunk of boxing, which isn't a bad indication of quality. Got an end-on pic, Andy? There's probably a maker's stamp on the end too.

The A63 seems to date from 1936, but Harrison is pretty poor on the shaves, and disappears again sometime in the 70s. That's all I have :(

Cheers, Alf

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