TS blade sideways movement with blade height


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24 Dec 2019
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Hi All, I have a weird one. Have recently acquired a Kity 1619 which I have been fettling with, and have discovered that the blade shifts sideways along the rotation axis about 1 mm from blade height at max and min. I think the blade remains square during this but hard to measure for lower blade heights.

Not the end of the world and can certainly be lived with, but it does compromise any zero clearance insert prospects. Am wondering if this is something that could be adjusted or not?
I think that it is the way that it walks up the blade height adjustment. I can't quite remember the mechanism, but I do recall a movement when I stripped my Kit (618). if it is how I think it is, it is just how it works and can't be adjusted. it should be fairly consistent though because all the way to one side corresponds with a specific part of the screw pitch, and all the way to the other to the is a point 180 degrees away on that same screw pitch.