Triton TWSS-10 whetstone & Tormek TT-50

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12 Feb 2017
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Hampshire & France
Bought a triton whetstone at a very good price, hardly used, so my first purchase was a truing tool. Looked at options and Tormek tt-50 was the best design, post 2019 model, (let us try to forget the tt-50 cost nearly as much as the Triton…lol). So bought it (Rothco & Frost best price I could find), postman done his job, went to put it on and…oh…Triton and Tormek support bars in different mounting positons. The tt-50 would not reach fully across the stone.*Insert swear word of choice*

o I work away from my home so only take my carving kit with me, i.e. no serious metalworking stuff, so had to look around and found a brass water drain off tap, perfect!
Drill out 1/2” or 12mm if you must…make a couple of ears to stop twisting and put a grub screw to secure. I also filed of a little of the weld so it would sit closer to the upright.

What ever way you do it, you need to make a spacer around 1 1/4 or 28mm ish to use the tt-50 without removing the mounts for the support bar and re drilling the positon on the case.

What do I think of the Triton? I like it. I have a pro-edge at home and love that for the speed it puts a new bezel on a tool, but for carving tools it can dissolve them before your eyes! I have more sharpening stones than I need (I am reliably informed by my wife. You can try “but they talk to me” zen approach), which I continue to use but find the calmness of a whetstone sharpener very pleasing to shape the bezel, plus no dust, meaning I can use it indoors in the carving/spare room.

Yes I expect the Tormek T-8 is way better, but for now the Triton is doing a very good job, and a lot cheaper, so if you want to sell me your T-8 to me at a price slightly above the cost of a truing tool I’m your man……..!
I very got a jet whetstone and tbh its slow and messy but does a better job on straight blades than the axminster belt grinder ultimate edge etc. it came with its own Truing tool which works fine but is a bit rough and ready. I only used it once tbh just to true the wheel. I now regularly use a grader that's got coarse diamonds on a metal handle.
Just a follow up about the Triton twss. I couldn’t resist pulling it apart as I read online somewhere that it had ”real bearings” not just plastic bushes. It indeed has. Very easy to remove the whole shaft with bearings, just 4 screws (mind, heads made of cheese, had to use hand brace with screwdriver adaptor to grip) and out it comes.

The bearings are marked 6802-z. Metal shielded.
Measurements 24x15x5mm.

I put in some white grease and it has made a quieter machine. I mention this as if you get any runout then perhaps some new bearings which can cost under a tenner would be worth a try. The work environment is quite harsh for it, grit and water, so lubrication now and then should be preventative maintenance. I like things to last, so lets see how it does…

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