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Triton TRB001 Router


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10 Dec 2011
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Reigate, Surrey
Following the enthusiastic reports for this router I decided to invest in one myself. Also taking advantage of Rutlands recent 14% discount I bought a router table top and insert plate.

Carefully following the various instructions for once, (real men don't need to read instructions) I removed the plastic disc from the router base and centered the router on the insert plate drilled and countersunk the holes and looked for the longer bolts the Triton instructions said I would need. Those of you who have been here before will realise that these bolts are not metric. What should I do next? What did you do?

My local fixings store measured the small bolts I removed and advised that they are UNC 1/4" and the only place they knew who might stock them is 40 miles away - and I only want 4!

Does anyone have these hiding away they could swap for a beer token? They need to be countersunk and 25mm overall length.


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