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16 Oct 2022
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Hi all,

I’m looking to upgrade my router fixed to router table, and have narrowed it down to the t12 & t14.

I can’t seem to see much difference in specs, save the t14 having the kill switch.

Any advice out there or better still experience with either.

It will be permanently fixed to the router table as I have cordless and an old Dewalt for out and about, and it will be mainly medium duty work in the workshop on hardwoods.
Many thanks
I think the T12 won't be suitable for table use if you use a separate switch because of the built in NVR in the T12. The T14 has the remote switch to overcome this issue in table use.
If it is to be used exclusively in a router table then personally I’d go for a router motor (e.g. the AUK tools motor from @Wood Workers Workshop) mounted in a router lift. They do package deals on the motor unit with various lifts including Incra and Jessem models.
Thanks for the mention, just to let you we are currently offering 5% OFF everything until the 31st of January
I know, I know, I’m a broken record! How about getting a secondhand spindle moulder? The c£600 for the Trend router would almost buy you a choice of a couple on ebay at the mo. If you were to sell the table and lift etc, you’d probably have enough for an industrial grade machine with a powerfeed secondhand. Just saying!

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