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Tormek SE-77 & BGM-100


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26 Feb 2013
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I bought these Tormek items to use with a bench grinder and CBN wheel but didn't get along with the CBN wheel and have since returned to the Tormek T8, so these are no longer needed. Both items have had hardly any use and are as close to new as you can get. Any questions please don't hesitate to ask and if you are local to Worcester then collection is also an option.

Payment by PayPal Gift only.

Tormek SE-77 Square Edge Jig - £32 inc delivery - Sold - Hornbeam
IMG_2342 by Darryl Jones, on Flickr

Tormek BGM-100 Bench Grinder Mounting Set - £45 inc delivery - Sold - siggy_7 - PENDING PAYMENT
IMG_2345 by Darryl Jones, on Flickr
IMG_2344 by Darryl Jones, on Flickr

I'm interested in the BGM-100. I'm not too far from Worcester so could arrange to collect if convenient.
Collection is fine, if it makes it easier I work in Cropthorne near Pershore so could meet somewhere convenient if it is more suitable?

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