Top 10 uses for EDPM off cuts?

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11 Dec 2018
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Bath, UK
I have just spent the last two days replacing a flat roof for my in laws. It is the first time I have used EDPM, but it seemed to go pretty well. I now have several long thin strips of EDPM. I was wondering what your best suggestions were for their use round the workshop. I had wondered about using some strips in the jaws of a saw vice when I make one. What suggestions do you have?

I just bought some rubber sheets as my stock salvaged from the symbols of an electronic drum kit is running low. I opted for silicone and styrene based types because they are not vulcanised (or at least polymerised/crosslinked by a different method), so don’t have the sulfurous smell that EDPM can have. Still, some of the uses can be the same.

1) Cutting gaskets/rings that go over the end of vice handles to stop the loud clank as the end hits the boss
2) Putting into the end of cases (trays) for chisels and gouges to give then something to bite in to
3) Under tools and machines that are bolted down if the surfaces are not level
4) Under machines that are bolted to metal cabinets I have seen a rubber gasket, which I think is to stop the noise and vibration being amplified by the metal box underneath.
I used a fair bit of the stuff for a roofing job on my kitchen extension a few years back. There was a very large skylight so had lots of it left. I've used this as bottom sheets for metal toolboxes, vice cheeks (engineers not wood) and as a bench top layer for a laying out table.
By it's very design it sticks well to most surfaces so must have other uses.