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20 Feb 2004
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In the eternally wet North
Just wondered how folk were faring.

Up here on the Northumberland/Cumbrian border, it's an amazingly balmy 31 degrees outside with a gentle breeze. Probably a record for where we live, I reckon.

The house is a cool 24 degrees and the workshop a delightful 21 degrees. So all in all, a very happy bunny.

Of course, if it gets any hotter we can always decamp down into the chilly cellar !
I'm very fortunate. My workshop is housed in a stone-built garage with 18" walls. Stays remarkably cool.
Down here in Sussex, my house is currently 30.4 degrees.

Mind the doors are open, I cant stand being cooped up.

Garden is 33
it's 18.8 degrees in the garage today, and 28 degrees inside the house, outside it feels like about 38 degrees, it's melt worthy.
24 in the house and 28 in the workshop here, just north of Oxford. I'm staying indoors with the curtains drawn and listening to England clawing their way back in the cricket.

honestly, you lot and your weather :roll: :roll:
what youre getting now is our may, june, july, september, and part of october weather. In august.... even I occasionally admit its a bit warm. 8) 8) 8) 8)
Phil, you know you love the sun. The tourists stay on the beach in the sun, if it rains they clog up the roads and the town centres.
36deg in the shade in Bedfordshire.
30deg in my workshop I have not even been upstairs in the workshop as I think it would be more like 40deg.
Fluctuating between 32 and 35 in Dronfield.
Don't you just hate it when it goes hot and cold like that.
39 on the van temp today in Farringdon in London. Unreliable van temp but that was driving home. I'm guessing it was hotter than that. Felt hotter than that! Abseiling cleaning windows you get it front and back reflected. By 11 am the lads had had enough. Helmet on, harness, bucket hanging off of you. Sweat running into your eyes, stings like a sod. You put the water on and it just evaporates so you end up cleaning in tiny sections. Its F*****n' horrible all round.
I drove home and it was like day of the dead. You know when you get a first dust of snow and English people all start doing 7mph, same with heat. People doing 27 down a perfectly cleat 60mph lane. And ya know sometimes the wyrd sisters are weaving the tapestry of life a little out of your favour. And it's road after road of pension collectors in Nissans.... That was my day.
Got home. Had a shower, went down the shed. Invented The Perfect Workbench Innovation (more on that later when It's not too hot to take photos...) Left the shed and went and sat in front of the big fan and watched some more of series 3, Stranger Things. :shock:

Also if they still have them I bought mine on sale at Tesco to replace the kids last one the cats got to at £18.
This is the same one, never used the website so fairwarning. Have a look around. ... gIwAfD_BwE

This is a King (really) among paddling pools for the money. It takes a long time to fill so careful if you're on a meter. If not.Happy days. Its floatable for a sub 6ft adult. And Heaven. Proper bit of kit and you don't need kids to buy one. Cheap plunge pool. I actually had to beat my two kids a bit with a belt because they wanted to get in and it would have ruined the pics I was trying to take for social media sites showing how serene my life is.
global warming is coming to world near you soon.
I remember I was riding my motorcycle back from cornwall through devon (12 years ago now) and as I started up the M5 at exeter I thought my radiator had sprung a leak as a blast of hot air hit me. I had a handlebar thermometer on the bike and when I checked it was reading 33c. I had never experienced such a sudden change in air temp before.
Now, its common place.

I was in London yesterday and as I started off for home at 4.30, the car thermometer was showing 40.5!!!!

I spent a very sticky day running round the Wembley area and had to go into a McDonald's in mid afternoon just to get some cooling off their A/C!!!

Much cooler today thank goodness so I may be down to the shed later