Tip: Pocket hole screw alternative


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AKA 9Fingers
19 Jan 2013
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Southampton area
I'm not a great user of pocket hole joints but they do have their place in some of my projects.
I started off buying a jig that came with a few sizes of screws and have bought a couple of other sizes. However by the time you have allowed for coarse and fine screws and the various lengths, there are quite a few differs to stock that are not much good of other applications.
I never seem to have the type I need or in the quantity I need. This morning was a case in point. I'm working in oak and needed 1-1/2" fine thread but the cupboard was "bare"
Instead I dug out some M4 washers (Form A). The OD is 9mm and the bore is perfect for No 8 csk screws.

I feel this is perfect alternative for hardwood use but I will still use the coarse washere head screws for Softer woods and man made boards.

I don't claim this to be an original idea on my part but it works well and might help others.
:) I half expected you to be describing some hand cut dovetails or M&T joints. :) I was prepared to fall off my chair........