they might be very good, but ...

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That is a huge sum of money for a single chisel. A set of 5 would cost more than a brand new lathe! A good one :shock:

I guess if you really want the blades, you could buy just the blade and make your own handle...
"£133.09 inc VAT
£110.91 excl VAT
RRP: £136.50,
you save £3.41"

I reckon I could save more than £3.41. I'm intending to save £133.09 :wink:

Cheers, Vann.
Two sets of every tool in the range ordered!
One set to admire in the workshop.
One set to admire in the bedroom.
Have I got my priorities right?
RichardG":wvu72c9q said:
You should try buying some spares from SIP. I was looking at a used bandsaw and thought I’d check how much the spares were.

I thought the motor pulley and pinion guides were a tad over priced.... :shock:


Only because they are discontinued why can't they just remove it from the site a bit like some on eBay cheaper to keep the ad going than repost when stocks are available