A little off (Road racing)


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7 Aug 2003
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Paul Cassidy during qualifying today for the NW 200

Very fortunate, couple scratches otherwise ok:


Paul Cassidy

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As you all know I had a little off at nw 200
I'm all OK just bloody sore .
I was behind a rider and had just clicked 4th I believe his bike cut out or something on the 1st right after the start .. The marshals said the same thing too. He pulled to the left then looking over his left shoulder not knowing I was going round him and we collided together,
Unfortunately nothing I could do at that sort of speed. Big thank you to everyone for all support ..all the medical staff did a cracking job
Went up around 25 ft and landed in the garden on someone's car

Cassidy crash.jpg
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The whole idea of the NW 200 and IoM TT races are utterly insane. I love it.

Glad the guy's OK.
As a student, not far from there, 47 years ago, we used to get 'gofer' jobs ("go get this, go fer that") round the course. So glad padding of obstacles has improved by leaps and bounds since then, fewer statistics.. We were all too aware of the insanity perpetrated there; especially on the long straight from Port Stewart up to the hairpin/bridge at the Uni. Ball-tighteningly scary bikkies.
Glad all is ok. Is it me but I’m struggling to word the insurance claim ummm the motorcyclist hit the car….umm

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