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22 Nov 2023
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From Hampshire Constabulary - Stolen tools recovered Hundreds of tools have been recovered and four people have been arrested as part of our investigation into a Hampshire-wide tool theft conspiracy. Since August this year we have received more than 100 reports all over the county of vans being broken into and tools being taken from within. These offences are primarily concentrated around the east of the county and up the A3 corridor, taking place when it’s dark in the evenings or overnight, We’ve attached an image of a large haul of tools we seized on 30 November at a market stall in West London, and our efforts remain ongoing to actively track down the owners to reunite them with their goods. What we have noticed is that a number of the tools we have seized have not been marked. Our plea to tool owners is to protectively mark your equipment so that if it is ever lost or stolen, it can be easily returned to you when it’s found. You can contact us online here - or via the 101 number, quoting 44230391471 – Operation Boromir.
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That is scary.
Had a good old chat with constables while ago.
What is scary and heart breaking, when they catch them, but can't find owners to prove the crime, end up giving the loot back to carry on stealing, robbing at ease.
Considering size of this haul, the more owners reunited with their tools, the more realistic chance to lock perps up, including criminal damage to property etc...
Basically as annoying as it might seem, but if you know someone have been robbed-pass it on, for the better, if not to just get the tools back.
A case where Smartwater would really help the police trace the owners. Why are all these people leaving there tools in vans, they should at least use a properly fitted van vault to make there life difficult and the police maybe should hold some anti theft training for them to help deter the thieves.
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And when the scumbags get caught, if they get caught, the sentences handed out are not a suffiicient deterrent.

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