Startrte TA 175 - noise levels

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15 Apr 2020
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Hi - First post on the forum so apologies if this sounds a stupid question.

I am after a quiet table saw, I'm aware an induction motor is the way to go but wondered if there is much difference between machines in terms of volume levels.

I had a scheppach TS 2500 which I stupidly sold several years ago - I thought that was relatively quiet. I now have a DW745 which is basically unusable in a single garage workshop. I have seen a Startrite TA175 for sale has anyone got any ideas how loud this is in comparison to the above?

Cheers Alan
It should be fairly similar to the TS2500 you had as far as noise goes, with an induction motor it's purely going to be the blade that will make all of the noise with perhaps the exception of dodgy bearings or misaligned belts.

I think the quietest saw I've ever used was an old Dewalt 743 flip-over jobbie, but I think the blade spun slower than it should really have been.