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19 Dec 2023
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I've just started as a DT teacher and the school I am currently in has a Startrite 18-s-1 bandsaw. I haven't used bandsaws much as this is my first year in teaching.

I was hoping someone could provide me with some information/knowledge about these bandsaws? Especially how the blade guides are set up as I am trying to find some information online and am coming up short.

Appreciate any help. Cheers.
The same way as any other bandsaw basically.I have an 18-S-5 which may be quite similar and I have used an 18-T-10,which seem to share the same frame and general layout.They are good machines.With the machine isolated from the power supply you can investigate in depth.Does the blade appear to have been twisted or distorted in any way?The easy way to find out is to gently turn the wheels by hand to see if any irregular movement is occurring and if the blade is tracking in the centre of the top wheel when the correct tension is applied.

You need the blade to be running true and central to determine where the guides and thrust blocks/bearings should be set.There are at least two patterns of guides and we don't know which variety you have.They should be located so that they guide the parallel part of the blade and don't rub on the gullets of the teeth.There should be a small,but definite clearance between the blade and the guides and with no cutting taking place the thrust bearing/guide (depends which you have) should be a little clear of the blade.

One word of caution,as the machines have three wheels and consequently flex and straighten the blades more often that two wheeled machines,there is an increased possibility of blades breaking from fatigue.Which normally happens with quite a bang.It can be rather a shock the first few times.Normally there is a bit of an advance warning as the blade starts to wobble slightly in the guides so check for cracks before putting the power back on.

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