Startrite 14-S-5 Brook Crompton Motor Wiring Diagram

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19 May 2022
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Looking to wire up a VFD to the three phase motor on the Startrite 14-S-5 bandsaw. Unfortunately the motor has no wiring diagram anywhere on it (not on cover plate). Its a dual voltage motor with the option of 220/230, 380/440 . Was wondering if anyone had a wiring diagram or knew what the EZ, E, Z and S stands and if this motor is currently wired in star or delta?


You appear to have Br, Bk, Gy wires coming in from the left, ie standard UK three phase 400V. These tie to only one motor wire, as far as I can see, so I would conclude from both these things that it’s in star.

There should be three more wires coming from the motor, tied together that I can’t see. There’s some taped up wires looping around that would lead me to simply start again with the wiring. How about identifying and disconnecting the original feed in so we can see what’s left?

E, Z, AZ, S are more commonly seen with single phase motors, so perhaps yours is a bit of a mash-up.