Speeding up sanding process (seeking advice)


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D_W that sander is called a stoke sander. The picture in post 68 is an example. Lots were and are factory made. If I only had the space for one. 🥴

ahh...my apologies. I did work in a cabinet factory in college, but luckily (some may not agree), I was in the assembly area and not in either the finish room or the millwork room.

The former made people look like zombies after a while (not sure if it was the work or the fumes), and the latter was deafening (dust control was fine, but the noise level was unreal and with hearing protection, you were in sensory deprivation otherwise).

That was unskilled work for the most part, though. Though there were 500 people there making cabinets, only two of the workers were doing something that resembled woodworking (they were repair people trying to fix defective things to keep JIT cabinets on schedule).

my only peripheral interest in that type of sander is that it's used on guitars, and not any that I'd make (it's responsible for making the arch on guitars boring - if that type of sander can't contact the wood without ruining the contour, then it's generally not found in production guitars. PRS complains about some fraction of an hour of labor spent sanding the violin rout on a $4500 guitar even though it makes an enormous difference in the aesthetics of a guitar.

I think gibson flattened it out about 55 years ago.

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