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2 Sep 2019
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Hi, I am fairly new to woodworking and I am struggling to find a good supplier. Has anyone had a good experience with an internet lumber supplier? If so who?

Or any Oxfordshire recommendations?

Many thanks
If you can't find a local yard you like, I use G&S Specialist Timber in Penrith. Prices are reasonable and delivery is free if you order £40+ IIRC. I usually speak to the guys on the phone to make sure I'm getting exactly what I want - they are very accommodating, and will mill to whatever size you want. Wood has always been fine.
For West Oxfordshire, Timms builders merchants at Brize Norton which as the name suggests they are geared up for builders so nearly all softwood but plenty of sizes & stock & very helpful to DIYers.
CJ Clarke behind the Nuffield Health centre, Welch Way, Witney.
You could also contact local joinery workshops for a price. If it's small quantities they might have something in their off cuts they'll sell you.
John15":3vv8kkno said:
Tyler Hardwoods have a good selection I've used them a few times and have been very satisfied with the quality. Don't know where you are in Oxfordshire but they are about 40 miles from Oxford.


According to the timber merchant list, Tylers are not hobbyist friendly, can this be confirmed or denied?