Smaller Startrite TA saws

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14 Jan 2020
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Wondering peoples experiences and opinions of the smaller startrite TA tablesaws? 145/165
I was offered a TA255 with extended bars as an upgrade for my tablesaw but couldn't raise the funds that day and the gentlemen had to get it out ASAP so he told me if i wait till the end of the month he will be finished with his current job and i can buy the other one they have "The same but a much smaller table"; from the picture he send it looks to be a TA 145 or 165 in great condition.
I think the price will be good, i would have payed £350 for the 255 so maybe £250 for this "much smaller" one but it was going to be a nice, solid upgrade and now i'm not so sure it would be, i currently have a 90's Dewalt contactors table saw "3151 saw king", It has no break, a average fence has no extraction to speak of but it does have a 1ph 5hp motor compared to the TA's 1.5HP~ which makes me second think things.
The upside would be i could sell the sawking, add the pennies myself and keep both of my pillar drills at this kind of price, any more and realistically i'm selling my Meddings too


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think I'd just look out for something better in the future......not really cheap enough to use and then move it along......
still I'd take a chance...but dont sell the DeWalt if u can scrape the money together for it.....
it's those smaller blade diameters thats the killer for me....
High HP motors and big blades....mmmmmmm it's the only way to travel......hahaha
Unfortunately its one or the other as far as saws go, in a 8'x9' room so space is precious but it seems like the guy makes his money doing labor work and just sells the tablesaw(s) on for a fast sale at a loss each time so it might be cheap enough that ill give it a go; im sure it would at least resell for the same
That said if it becomes a possiblity, i would consider making a frankensaw to keep the dewalts motor
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