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Mrs C

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3 Jan 2016
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United kingdom
I want to create a library of cabinet doors each with the same rail and style width, but with different overall dimensions (e.g 400mm wide, 500mm wide, different heights etc.)

Before I create each one individually is there an easy way to do this? Scale changes the whole lot including the rail/style dimensions.

I have got Make 2017.
Assuming you want some dimensions to scale, but not others, then I think you need Dynamic Components (but I'm not sure if they're in your software). If you don't have DCs, then obviously you can reduce some of the work by making each rail/stile a component, so that when you elongate one, the matching item mirrors the change. But you will still need to move the other components to line up, plus elongate the panel as needed.

Caveat, I *do* have DCs in my software, but I've never worked out how to use them, and I invariably find it quicker to just do things manually.

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