Sjoberg for sale

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My priorities changed after realising where I spend most of my woodworking day, at the bench, I’ll cut at the mitre saw & tablesaw. All in, a couple of minutes then spend hours at the bench assembling, routing etc, I want to be comfortable, but different woodworkers have different priorities as Alf pointed out.



I hope these photos come out, it wasnt as easy as i thought it was
Both have good points both have bad, prices between the two are minimal if you consider your labour, do as I did and step back from your machinery and consider where most of your woodworking day is actually spent, be comfortable and enjoy this wonderful hobby
Hi Ian

Love the photos. :wink:

I loved your bench the first time I saw it in GWW and now when seeing it alongside the Sjoberg it looks even better.

A wonderful piece of work.

Good grief, the front vice on that Sjobergs is huge! That'd be about half my main working area used up. :shock: Their holdfasts are good though, aren't they? I'm surprised you weren't tempted to swipe it for your new one, Ian. :wink:

Mike, tsk, tsk. Forgot the Morris Minor Appreciation Society there for a moment... :oops: Better alter that to a Lada then. :wink: Although that front vice puts me more in mind of the bumper on a Saab for some reason.

Cheers, Alf