Six months without a workshop!!!

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12 Feb 2005
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I've had to move back to London from Somerset for work (no more trips to Yandles! Arrghh!!!) so I've had to leave my workshop behind. All of my machinery is in storage because I have to live in an apartment in London until January. I've haven't been in a workshop since August and I'm really starting to get withdrawal symptoms - I found myself drooling over a Dewalt drill in Robert Dyas this afternoon.......

Anyway, we're now buying a house in the country that comes with an acre and a third so I can have a workshop back! She has agreed I can use the double garage whilst I have a proper workshop built. Plus I've now got plenty of room for a separate purpose built timber store and finishing room so maybe the wait will be worth it. Roll on January and in the meantime I'll keep reading the forum and enjoying seeing all of your projects - it's the only thing keeping me sane till I get back in the workshop.

View from one of the bedroom windows - workshop will be where the double-garage is to the left. i wanted the studio to the right but she wouldn't let me have it

Temporary workshop

View over one of the orchards from the workshop
Looks great Rob!

Presumably you'll be building a workshop that's bigger and better than the studio you were denied? :wink:
It's in Huntingdon - and hopefully new shop will be much bigger and better than the studio (if Mrs H allows it). By the way, sorry about the size of the photos - first time I've included them. have worked out how to use smaller ones now.