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For Sale Silverline straight cutters (whole lot of them)


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16 Jan 2023
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Good evening,

I have a lot of Silverline straight cutters which I took to my country and have been trying to sell them for over 6 months. Unsuccessfully, because almost all of them have imperial shanks and it seems I'm probably the only Romanian who uses imperial cutters. So I thought of posting them here and see if I return them to their homeland. Joke aside, they are in Romania, but I can send them back if any of you is really interested. I would need to cover their cost and the round-trip expenses, so I can offer them for £100. If you are interested please note that it would take a bit to get them there, about 2 weeks.

The first picture shows an overview of the entire lot and the second one is a table with all related details. All cutters are brand new, in their original sealed packaging - 'new old stock'.

I will soon add another product that I no longer use and can't sell here for similar reasons and send them together.

Regarding delivery, that's to be discussed, there are options. My friend is in Harrow London (for now), so collection is one option, meeting in the London area is another, postage works too. We'll see about this when we get there.



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