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7 Feb 2019
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Hi Guys

Looking at doing a lot more turning and want to add signature discs to my work.

Want these made of metal and a company that can make a relatively small order maybe 50-100 discs.

Has anyone done this and can you recommend a company to use?

Thanks in advance
An interesting question that comes up occasionally and I'm interested in this, too. Most of us only need "small" quantities and the commercial label-makers, understandably, want pieces ordered in the thousands......

Many years ago - at least 15 or so - I had a quantity made by a recommendation on this site who would come up with 50 or a hundred or so for a reasonable price. They were 32 mm diameter with my name in relief.

They were quite good, but long standing members will remember that the supplier had a reputation for long delays............. I never had a problem, it took about 3 or 4 weeks for the things to arrive. I can't recall more than that, but I've almost run out and I could use some more!

Any ideas, guys?
Its much easier to make a branding iron. If youre concerned about someone else removing the disc then a brand will ensure your name is on there forever.
as always, loads of examples on utube.
Thanks Mike.....
I guess that it will serve a particular purpose, but I spotted this little gem (Note 1) in their product description..... never mind the malware bit!

1.Overload use will shorten the life of the bald head, it is recommended that bald work for half an hour to rest for 5 minutes
2.The machine is powered by 5V USB charger, the USB can't be inserted into the computer's USB splitter, otherwise it will lead to insufficient power supply.
3.turn off the firewall for installations as the software is recognised as malware

........... not quite a slap-head yet, but I'm working on it! Give me five minutes or so..................
A guy I do a bit of business with has a Laser Cutting/Engraving machine. I'm sure he would be willing to do a small batch run of signature discs for you.....

I believe this is the machine he has....It's a BGL 690 model.

Boxford Laser Cutter Engraver.jpg


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I assume you have trophy shops that can engrave or laser stuff. Go to one and see what they offer. If it is an available disc they will likely charge a one time setup fee for the artwork and then charge by the disc or batches if you plan on doing any quantities.

Thanks Lazurus, Mike has got back to me with a quote, just need a logo now :D
Lazurus":2bfu1lii said:

I got some laser engraved 32mm wooden discs from the above, I think I ordered 100. very nice and professional finish to projects