Which sanding discs?


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I was about to say they're expensive compared to Cubitron, but I just checked - I last bought Cubitron on Amazon at the end of March for £18.55, they're now £30.99.

Same here; where I bought them last year for £18.89 they are now £30 for 50 150mm discs.

I like the cubitron, but do find the edges a bit fragile possibly, compared to abranet. Maybe I am just not careful enough on really rough wood and corners though.

Love the ets ec-150/5 btw. Should have gotten one ages ago.
Abranet gets my vote because it's lasts a long time and doesn't clog up which I think is a lot to do with the extraction being through the disk, we've used from 40 grit which is savage up to 600 which seemed a bit pointless. I am using the old low voltage mirka electric sander and extraction unit

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