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Sold Sharpening clearout - Shapton, Eze lap + other.


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15 Jan 2015
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Falmouth, Cornwall

New year workshop clear-out time means I have some surplus sharpening stones.
All prices include 1st class signed for P+P, if you want next day delivery or anything then that would cost extra.

First is a Shapton 12,000 grit ceramic waterstone. This has barely seen any use, I only got it recently so still have all the original packaging and instructions (it was imported from Japanese so instructions are in Japanese!)
It's lapped with a 600 grit atoma plate so ready to go. It leaves a lovely mirror shine and a very even scratch pattern.


Next up is two EZE-lap 8x2" diamond stones - can be sold separately.
There is a 600 grit, and a 1200 grit. I've had both for around a year or so, and they have only seen hobbyist use so years of life left in them.
The 1200 is "broken in" but the 600 still has a little bite at the ends of the stone which goes to show their minimal use.
In the photo the 600 grit stone shows a white line down the middle, this doesn't show very much at all in person. I don't know what it is but it's always been there and has no impact at all on the stone's function.


Last is a 12,000 grit natural sharpening stone, sometimes referred to as a "c12k" measuring 200x56x21mm.
It is an absolute rock hard sharpening stone, therefore they are usually only lapped on one side, with the others left "rough cut". Again this is lapped with my 600 grit atoma, but straight razor sharpeners sometimes lap these up with p2000+ sandpaper to increase the fineness even further.



Let me know if you have any questions, or if you'd like any close-up photos at all.
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I'd be happy to post to Ireland, although I checked the royal mail website and it looks like the postage is around £8-10 more.

Just checked the import rules, I'd be charged VAT on £60, so as I wouldn't expect anyone to falsify a customs declaration, I'll have to pass... :mad::(