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Settee Rebuild


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22 Apr 2005
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Hi, Chaps

I rebuilt my settee it had been looking a bit naff for some time, it was about 16 years old. I built it just after I moved in the my house.
The only tool I had back then was a cheap circular saw, a electric drill a Record No4 plane and two chisels.
I got a load of beach that was being thrown away ripped it down with the circular saw to make the frames and bought some plywood for the arms.
Had it upholstered and it lasted quite well, but after some nagging I came up with a new design .
This is the rebuilt frame for the 3 seater, the only original part is the base the back is new.


It’s a simple construction with bracing and T nuts for the arms to bolt on to.
The arms are a rectangle with recess for a cushion made from 18mm MDF clad in pippy oak.
The end panels are held in a groove in the bottom and secured with velcro.
When it was all finished it looked like this




Just finished this morning, it was supposed to be ready for Xmas but the upholsters let us down, they did a good job so its alright in the end.
It cost about the price of a single 3 seat settee and it is far stronger and has cloth that is rated extreme use, so it should last a few years.